Sunday, 20 February 2011

Goodbye Mickey!

For ages now, I have wanted to get rid of a „hideous“ Mickey Mouse poster that hung in our office. Well... to be fair... it‘s not really hideous but it‘s been a left-over from the eighties and has „survived“ a couple of moves already and hubby put it up in the office.

I never liked it much there, but somehow there were always other corners to deal with. Now.... I needed to get rid of a lot of clutter on my side of the office (my desk) anyway and since today was so nasty and cold outside, it gave me the perfect opportunity to tackle that project.

So I cleaned out a lot of junk from my roll container and from my desk (you don‘t want to know how many garbage bags that filled ;) and finally decided it was time to say goodbye to good ol‘ Mickey!

I‘m slightly obsessed with stripes lately and found an old role of wallpaper in the basement.  It fit perfectly. I quite like the look of „my side“ of the office now :)

(Psst... now all I have to do is get hubby to clean up the other desk and HIS side of the office .... but that‘s another story/blog entry ;)

Yay for stripes :)

Neat and clean... (*pats own back*)

...still looking for a stylish idea for the old family photos... 
(so far I just put them up on the pin board)

My Dad   :)

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