Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween and 18 °C.... WTH?!?!?

I really have a hard time adjusting to these crazy temperatures these days. Last week it was freezing cold yesterday it was so warm, I could drive around with the rooftop of my convertible down... WTH?!?!

I saw people wearing T-shirts and drinking their coffee outside today. 

I don't mind nice and warm weather, but this crazy up and down is playing havoc with my circulation, plus I'm very prone to barometric pressure headaches, which are caused by air-pressure changes. So go figure. Starting the day with a migraine is not on top of my list of things-to-do.

Not that I'd want to have the amount of snow whe had last year, but a bit more stability would be nice.

Anyway... it's been a nice Saturday so far.  It started out with what's become our Saturday ritual by now: Coffee and a muffin in our favorite coffee shop :)

This afternoon, while I went on a long walk, my baby cleaned the windscreens of my SLK for me *Love you babe! BEST HUBBY IN THE WORLD!!!*

Then later,  following a sudden impulse, I've decided to carve a Halloween pumpkin. I haven't done this since I was a kid. Back then, we didn't really celebrate Halloween over here, but I grew up with Americans in the neighborhood (US Army) and I remember our friends introducing us to this tradition. 

Of course, these days it is promoted heavily here (like many other commercialized holiydays),  lots of bars and clubs have Halloween Nights now and the kids go on their Trick-or-Treat. So, here's the result of my creative outburst :)

Stocked up on candy for the kids, so we're all set :)

Off now to catch up with Season 03 of Dexter... (very approriate for a Pre-Halloween Night :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lemon Cake (aka as Dexter trial cake ;)

What I had for afternoon tea...

For Sue, who wanted to know how the lemon cake turned out.

I'm a fairly good cook (according to the best hubby in the world and our friends) but when it comes to baking... uhm... I'm not that confident, but I tried anyway, since I have a goal to meet ;) 

(Dexter cake! YAY, Sue :)

Here's the lemon cake I baked on Sunday. It's quite rich with the Italion Mascarpone cream but who cares when something tastes that good ;)

This is how it looked on the recipe

And this is how mine turned out. (I admit, it's not the most challenging recipe, but I'm a real "beginner" when it comes to baking ;)

Living in China...

Look what the postman brought today :)

(, Hun... one can never have too many coffee table books *cough cough*)

This made me want to go back to China. 
How about Hong Kong in December, baby?
Yes??? You game???

See? Our beloved LC4 fits everywhere... even in China ;)

 ...Look at THAT wall... isn't this brilliant?
Love the Chinese. Seriously, amazing people!
(great sense of humor too ;)

This book is available at Amazon here and a if you like the mixture of "Traditional China meets modern Western World" it's a  MUST HAVE if you ask me :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monorail Cat :)


Restoration of a 16th Century Farm House...

I have to admit, I have always harbored a great love for the English Countryside. And if it weren't for the "rough weather" in England, it would top my list of places to live :)

There are so many incredible historical buildings and the most adorable villages and all... it's hard to resist their charm.

I came across the story of "Park Farm, Colwall" and   was blown away by the way its owners have restored this 16th Century Farm House, adapting it to a modern lifestyle without taking away from its original charm and beauty.

Take a look:

 This was the house in 1880

The current owners bought it in 2004 and literally had 
to strip the complete North Wing of the building, 
so that this... what they worked with.

And by the end of the restoration process

they turned it into this:
The West side...

The East...

and from the South.

As for the interior, all beautifully done too. Not always my cup of tea, but there are some features I really like.
Like this gorgeous round kitchen counter :)

Or the dining table and the staircase :)

Speaking of... another customer-designed staircase in this house.
Isn't it AWESOME?
I love the fact that they used "original" materials,
like old oak beams and wooden floors. 

And this bedroom "speaks to me too" :)))

For the whole interesting story about this project, go here

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Some things just won't make my list....

No matter how many times I see "deer on wall"  in so-called hip and modern apartments
... it just won't do for me!

Sorry.... just, so NOT.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Ghostie Cupcakes

The most adorable cupcakes for the Halloween season :)
(I just have to try this recipe)

(From The Cooking Photographer)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gnocci with Prawns and Garlic Tomato Sauce

What we had for dinner tonight...

Because I felt like cooking tonight ( and to spoil my baby :) dinner was
Gnocci with King Prawns in a garlic-tomato-sauce.

 the green pepper is the real KICK in that recipe, it adds a nice spicy flavor to it...

 ...add some canned tomatos and cook for about ten minutes
until the sauce has reduced to a creamy consistency...

...doesn't it look yummy?

Served with Gnocci, it was very, very delicous :)

For afters :)

(all pics (c) Lausi)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Designer House in TriBeCa Manhattan

Wanna see the rest of this GORGEOUS house?

Go here.

A "ME" day.... :)

Went on a little shopping spree today and got these GORGEOUS bed linen... 
Couldn't resist, they are perfect for our bedroom, since they pick up the colors from the two silk prints we brought with us from India :)
(Plus, these bed linens are flanel and soooo cozy and warm ;)



Then I found a reduced Marlene pants and a Betty Barclay shirt. Both a real bargain :)
(looks pretty much like this outfit :)

Later, I spoiled myself with a short stop in the tea shop where I got a "new sort" to try out. An Ayurveda tea (very yummy) as well as my favorite brand, a Roobois-Ginger tea. There's really nothing better when it's that nasty outside :)

All in all a very "productive" day, (since I did my shopping while my car was at the repair shop to get its winter tires mounted :)

Now I'm all set to face the first snow in my "old" and trusted TWINGO...
(while the new convertible will be put into the garage until Spring :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cold weather calls out for coziness at home

It's turned really, really cold over the last couple of days. And this makes "cozy days at home", watching the stormy weather through the windows, so much more desirable :)

Here's a couple of things I associate with coziness...

Starting the day with a nice cup of coffee.... (Yummy)
photo (c) Lausi

Followed by a blueberry muffin? Yesss, please :)
photo (c) Lausi 

How about some marmelade?

These eggwarmers remind me of breakfast at my grandmother's *happy memories* :)

... as does this kitchen board.

How about breafast in bed... this bed linen are gorgeous! 
(availabe here)

Izzz wants this sheepskin rug!!! It would look awesome in our bedroom.
(also available at Toast)

And lights... I love lots of tea lights and wind lights and candles...