Friday, 31 December 2010

What a way to start the last day of this decade...

This is where we had breakfast this morning... as to why... *sigh*

Yesterday we had a power failure... no big deal, we thought, until we realized that the power hadn't come back online completely once it was over. We had power in two rooms only (office and the reading room), no lights in the rest of the house, fridge didn‘t work, freezer in the cellar didn‘t work, washing-machine (which happened to be in the middle of a washing cycle) didn‘t work, neither did the dryer. No power  in the attic (where our bedroom is), or the bathroom either.

But the worst was... NO HEATING! Since the whole cellar was without power,   the pump in the heating's boiler didn‘t work either. And that with temperatures of -10 °C !!! (that‘s 14°F) outside.


It happened late evening, and the earliest to get an electrician - hubby‘s uncle - was this morning. So we went to bed with a hot water bottle (using one of the few sockets that were still working to get the electric kettle going) and woke to a friggin, freezing cold morning.

Getting up with the prospect of heading into a cold bathroom and the knowledge that it wouldn‘t be much warmer downstairs... was a joy... NOT!

By the time I was downstairs, best hubby in the world had started a fire in the fire place. Bless him! So we had breakfast in front of the fire place then :)

Romantic? Yes. Comfortable? No!

But I've never been more grateful for our open fire place, at least that way we could warm up in front of it until our hero arrived! (hubby‘s uncle!). He was able to fix the problem (a broken fuse in the main distribution). I don‘t know what we would‘ve done without him. Try getting an electrician in on Sylvester Day! (It‘s kind of a holiday over here. Most shops are only open till noon, and most companies don‘t work at all on that day!)

Now, hours later, the house has slowly heated up again, but I still feel chilly inside. Plenty of tea will have to do followed by a nice, hot soup later *yummy*

Let‘s hope, the NEW YEAR will be off to a better start then! Here's me hoping everybody has a wonderful start into the New Year and a very happy 2011!

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