Sunday, 5 December 2010

Stroll over the local Christmas market :)

Fresh snow over night and it's still freezing cold over here, 
so what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon but with a stroll over the local Christmas market :)

 First stop... at the bakery for French flan with onions and bacon *yummy*

Then on to the Christmas market...

... a Crêpe Suzette for my baby...

...loved the colored sheep skins...

...and this little fellow ;)

It was really cold... *brrr* (perfect gluehwine weather :)

This cute little fellow was trembling so much (inspite of his "coat")
I considered buying him a hot chocolate to warm up ;)

Like I said... perfect for a "Gluehwine" (or glow wine as the Americans call it :)

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