Thursday, 14 October 2010

Warm Cats, Cold City....

This picture taken by Carl T. Gossett Jr. mirrors exactly how I felt this morning... It's turned so cold here that I took out my winter coat this morning to wear on my way to work. Huddling for warmth seemed like a really good idea just then...

As for the story behind the picture (as featured in today's NY Times):

On Jan. 9, 1970, a bitterly cold morning, Gossett emerged from a building on Water Street in Lower Manhattan after shooting a routine assignment. He spotted these huddled creatures trying to keep warm.

They were not strays, necessarily, as the Fulton Fish Market was in the same neighborhood. I’m sure this group was just taking a break from the routine of keeping the rodent population in check. Meanwhile, though The Times was not accustomed to publishing pictures like this one, an editor must have found the image irresistibly illustrative of the bone-chilling weather, and ran it two columns wide with the continuation of a front-page story about the cold.

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