Monday, 25 October 2010

Restoration of a 16th Century Farm House...

I have to admit, I have always harbored a great love for the English Countryside. And if it weren't for the "rough weather" in England, it would top my list of places to live :)

There are so many incredible historical buildings and the most adorable villages and all... it's hard to resist their charm.

I came across the story of "Park Farm, Colwall" and   was blown away by the way its owners have restored this 16th Century Farm House, adapting it to a modern lifestyle without taking away from its original charm and beauty.

Take a look:

 This was the house in 1880

The current owners bought it in 2004 and literally had 
to strip the complete North Wing of the building, 
so that this... what they worked with.

And by the end of the restoration process

they turned it into this:
The West side...

The East...

and from the South.

As for the interior, all beautifully done too. Not always my cup of tea, but there are some features I really like.
Like this gorgeous round kitchen counter :)

Or the dining table and the staircase :)

Speaking of... another customer-designed staircase in this house.
Isn't it AWESOME?
I love the fact that they used "original" materials,
like old oak beams and wooden floors. 

And this bedroom "speaks to me too" :)))

For the whole interesting story about this project, go here

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