Friday, 15 October 2010

A new TV-"obsession" of mine :)

Well... here's a screen shot of my latest "TV-obsession". My lovely online-friend Sue pointed me to this series (Thanks hun!) and I must say, I'm hooked
Who'd have thought I'd ever route for a serial killer... LOL.

Guess that's what makes this show so interesting. It really keeps testing your loyalties. Per se, Dexter is a bad guy, after all, he's killing people, but....

(and it‘s really the "but" that makes this show so much fun to watch :)

...he's only killing BAD, BAD people. In fact, he kills other killers who have somehow slipped through the loopholes of the justice system. So against my better judgement I find myself sitting on the couch cheering for Dexter, and hoping he gets away when someone closes in on him (be it another serial killer, or the FBI, or another co-worker of his :)

The writing on this show, the cast, the acting, it‘s all awesome. The whole story behind Dexter, so original, the plots clever and well thought out with many twists and turns. So here we are (hubby loves it too) playing catch-up. We‘re now at season 03 (thanks to Amazon :) whereas this fall season 05 has premiered in America.

I‘m an addict to serial TV anyway. I love it. I love getting „attached“ to my favorite characters and following them over a period of many seasons. If the writing is done as well as on Dexter (and of course Mad Men, my other obsession), then it‘s really a joy getting „into“ it.

So here‘s to another series which will hopefully continue to fill many cold winter TV-nights of ours :)

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