Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A "ME" day.... :)

Went on a little shopping spree today and got these GORGEOUS bed linen... 
Couldn't resist, they are perfect for our bedroom, since they pick up the colors from the two silk prints we brought with us from India :)
(Plus, these bed linens are flanel and soooo cozy and warm ;)



Then I found a reduced Marlene pants and a Betty Barclay shirt. Both a real bargain :)
(looks pretty much like this outfit :)

Later, I spoiled myself with a short stop in the tea shop where I got a "new sort" to try out. An Ayurveda tea (very yummy) as well as my favorite brand, a Roobois-Ginger tea. There's really nothing better when it's that nasty outside :)

All in all a very "productive" day, (since I did my shopping while my car was at the repair shop to get its winter tires mounted :)

Now I'm all set to face the first snow in my "old" and trusted TWINGO...
(while the new convertible will be put into the garage until Spring :)

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