Monday, 18 October 2010

Mad Men -Season 04 - Episode 13 - Season's Finale

Holy Cow!

What a season‘s finale!

I can‘t even begin to describe how friggin awesome this was.

The biggest surprise for me:

Don is going to marry Megan?!?!? I did NOT see that one coming. Not by a long shot. (Hey, Maiki, you were right about that one ;)

I was sure they‘d pick up their „fling“ as soon as he asked her to come along to California with him, but that he goes all the way - on a spur of the moment, proposing to her?!?!? I was like „WHAT THE HELL?“

I must say, I ADORE Megan in this episode, and YESSS she‘s awesome with the kids, but still... Don‘s sudden realization that he‘s in love with her... it came a bit out of the blue for me, especially since I really thought he‘d developed some feelings for Faye.

I feel for her. She has been there for him through some serious shit and he even confided in her regarding his past. She even betrayed her professional ethics to help him, only to be cast aside now. I wonder if her knowing about his past is something that will come back to bite him in the a..!

(as in hell has no fury like a woman scorned?!!?)

We‘ll see.

Interesting also, Betty‘s failure on all fronts. She‘s a stupid cow for giving her Nanny the boot just because she let „freaky neighborhood boy“ say Good Bye to Sally. Henry is right to be angry with her. I LOVED him pointing out to Betty „No one‘s on your side.“ It‘s harsh but she‘s really bringing this on to herself.

Something is seriously effed up with that woman. Hopefully we‘ll find out in future seasons.

I was a bit surprised about the people‘s reaction to Don‘s engagement. I‘d thought that Roger would have some smart comment about it, seeing that he‘s married his secretary and knows how „well“ this went down with everybody else ;)

Peggy‘s reaction was understandable. She adores Don and I‘m sure what she feels for him is more than just friendship. It must be a blow to her ego to have him marry someone from the office. Someone he hasn‘t known for long.

Good to know she‘s doing great on the job front though. SCPD sure could use the new account. Wonder how it will go on with them in Season 05. I love this show! I can‘t believe I have to wait eight months  now for the next season *head desk*

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