Monday, 11 October 2010

Mad Men -Season 04 - Episode 12

Okay... I have to admit, the first thing I did after watching this ep was checking out the Episode Guide. And what a relief to see there‘s one more ep until the season‘s finale.


*wipes sweat off brow*

I thought this was it and I was like, „What the hell, how can they end it like this?“

Watched from that point of view it really felt like a „breather ep“. It was rather slow-paced, compared to the going ons of the previous episodes and I think this is a good thing. A couple of loose ends were taken up again and brought back to the forefront of our awareness, like the whole Sally drama (BTW... the kid that plays her is AMAZING!) and the fact that Betsy certainly needs „help“ too since she really can‘t relate to her kids. At least she‘s not capable of showing them affection.

Oh and the little boy from season 01, Sally‘s „new friend“. He‘s still giving me the creeps ;) (Sorry, they really freaked me out with that scene in season 01 where he touched up Mrs. Draper ;)

The bit with Don‘s old friend the artist girl who has turned into a heroine addict was odd. I wonder why they did this. It didn‘t really drive the story forward, nor does it have anything to do with Don‘s life. I liked that he didn‘t fall back into old habits though and slept with her. Instead he seemed really concerned and tried to help.

He‘s really come a long way since season 01:)

The situation of the company is indeed desperate. I‘m with Don here. They couldn‘t really have thought word wouldn‘t get out, right? I almost cringed in my seat when Don tried to land the ketchup account (his meeting with the HEINZ guy). He WAS desperate, and it WAS showing.

The partner meetings are always a joy to watch for me. This is really a remarkable group of men. And they are so different from each other. And there isn‘t even a remote situation of equality between them. In fact, Don‘s solo-action only underlines that.

I was just as shocked as Pete was that he did this w/o consulting ANYBODY else. I mean, seriously, he‘s either over-confident (bordering on arrogance) or he‘s insane. How can he expect them to back him up on that crazy scheme?

I wonder what it means for the agency. I was surprised they brought this up here. This whole anti-smoking campaign. I‘d have thought that was much later than mid-sixties. Interesting turn of events.

I‘m still intrigued by the Don/Pete relationship. Don butting in and taking over Pete‘s share of the partner‘s deposit came, I didn‘t see that one coming. I wonder what his motives are. Personally, I think Pete is a good account man. And he‘s valuable to the agency, I‘m not so sure though that this was Don‘s main motivation. He needs Pete to keep his secret, so maybe he did it to protect himself. We‘ll see.

As for the financial problems and them having to let go several employees, I have to be honest, I didn‘t really care about any of the characters that got the boot. And not for one second was I worried about Peggy when she was called into his office. So not much tension there.

Part of me was waiting for Don to drop Megan though ;) (just me being paranoid I guess). I wonder, does Faye know about his fling with Megan? The way she said to Don „Tell your girl to make a reservation“ ...hmm... interesting.

All in all a great ep that makes me wonder even more, where things will stand by the end of season 04. Will SCDP pull in another huge account?

Does them leaving the tobacco industry turn into their biggest advantage yet? Had Draper once again saved the day ?

And what about his private situation?

Damn it, I want answers! And preferably another ten seasons of this show! *is nodding*

And I already know that there‘s no way that all these issues will be addressed in the finale episode... *sigh*

So... roll on episode 13. Hopefully it‘s a lucky number for SCDP :)

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