Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mad Men Season 04 - Episode 11

Draper, what the hell are you doing??? And Roger, are you insane????

OMG… what a great episode. Again… so much happening here.

That they lost Lucky Strike is a disaster, and the way Roger fooled them all is nothing short of shocking. That he’d go so far as to “pretend” he’s flying out to Lucky Strike to safe the account and hiding in a hotel room in New York instead, is something I didn’t see coming.

I’d expected him to come clean to at least Burt if not Don. That he’s turning to Joan in his time of need shows how much he really cares for her. Or maybe she’s just always been his escape route from any trouble in his life.

Burt’s words are coming back to me “They never took you seriously, because you don’t take yourself seriously.” That about sums it up.

I loved the scene between Roger and Joan in her apartment. Her saying “I’m not the solution, I’m another problem.” What an amazing line, that is! The dialogues on that show are to die for. I can’t stress it enough, this show has the most brilliant writers on television.

Love, love, love it!

On to Pete. My admiration for him is growing, even though I have to admit, I’m still not a hundred percent sure of his motivations. Pete is someone I can see leaving SCDP when  push comes to shove. He seems loyal enough though (for now). I just wonder how much more crap he’s going to take from his other “partners”. I mean, let’s face it, Don caused him a couple of millions when he “forced” Pete to let the Government client go because of the FBI vetting. And Roger isn’t doing the agency any good either. In fact, it seems to me that Pete is the only one constantly trying to pull good accounts and all. That he didn’t give in to his scheming father-in-law was good to see. I just wonder how long he can resist, now that the baby is there. The pressure on him is growing.  (BTW… I was convinced the whole time the baby would die, or Trudy would die or something dreadful would happen while Pete was away with the others).

But what the hell is going on with Don? I was so happy to see him and Faye in something resembling a “serious” relationship, at least they seemed heading that way to me after last episode’s great revelation when Don told her about his past.

Asking her to breach the confidentiality with her other clients so that he can chase them up for the agency. You what? Does he even know that he’s asking of her? Or is it just like an in-built reflex for him? This incredible urge to be successful at all costs? I admired her for the way she told him off in the office, calling him out on him using her. Again, her line “I know the difference between what we have and the office.” AWESOME!

However… that she gave in to him at the end of the episode was a surprise for me. She seemed  such a strong and independent woman, but this goes to show how vulnerable we all become when love is involved. Her feelings for Don obviously run a lot deeper than she expected and to help him, she’s willing to sacrifice her job ethics. I’m still not sure about Don’s feelings for her though.

He’s used too many women in the past as an anchor, an outlet, someone to cling to without really letting any of them close. It’ll be interesting to see where they’re going with this.

His fling with Megan  irritated me. Not just because I thought Don was finally seeing sense and trying to get his life in order but also because he said it himself, he cannot afford to make mistakes right now.  As for Megan… not sure what to make of her. Is she really the free spirited woman, just acting on her lust for Don? Or is she hoping for more? If she is, then she’s setting herself up for more heartache I’m afraid. Whatever the writers’ reasons for this turn of events, it’s not boding well for Don.

I cannot believe next week’s ep will be the last of this season already. I can’t even begin to imagine how they’ll end this. Probably with SCDP in jeopardy again.  I also wonder with what  they’ll leave us regarding Don’s personal life this season.  

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