Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lemon Cake (aka as Dexter trial cake ;)

What I had for afternoon tea...

For Sue, who wanted to know how the lemon cake turned out.

I'm a fairly good cook (according to the best hubby in the world and our friends) but when it comes to baking... uhm... I'm not that confident, but I tried anyway, since I have a goal to meet ;) 

(Dexter cake! YAY, Sue :)

Here's the lemon cake I baked on Sunday. It's quite rich with the Italion Mascarpone cream but who cares when something tastes that good ;)

This is how it looked on the recipe

And this is how mine turned out. (I admit, it's not the most challenging recipe, but I'm a real "beginner" when it comes to baking ;)

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