Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween and 18 °C.... WTH?!?!?

I really have a hard time adjusting to these crazy temperatures these days. Last week it was freezing cold yesterday it was so warm, I could drive around with the rooftop of my convertible down... WTH?!?!

I saw people wearing T-shirts and drinking their coffee outside today. 

I don't mind nice and warm weather, but this crazy up and down is playing havoc with my circulation, plus I'm very prone to barometric pressure headaches, which are caused by air-pressure changes. So go figure. Starting the day with a migraine is not on top of my list of things-to-do.

Not that I'd want to have the amount of snow whe had last year, but a bit more stability would be nice.

Anyway... it's been a nice Saturday so far.  It started out with what's become our Saturday ritual by now: Coffee and a muffin in our favorite coffee shop :)

This afternoon, while I went on a long walk, my baby cleaned the windscreens of my SLK for me *Love you babe! BEST HUBBY IN THE WORLD!!!*

Then later,  following a sudden impulse, I've decided to carve a Halloween pumpkin. I haven't done this since I was a kid. Back then, we didn't really celebrate Halloween over here, but I grew up with Americans in the neighborhood (US Army) and I remember our friends introducing us to this tradition. 

Of course, these days it is promoted heavily here (like many other commercialized holiydays),  lots of bars and clubs have Halloween Nights now and the kids go on their Trick-or-Treat. So, here's the result of my creative outburst :)

Stocked up on candy for the kids, so we're all set :)

Off now to catch up with Season 03 of Dexter... (very approriate for a Pre-Halloween Night :)

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