Monday, 18 October 2010

Cold weather calls out for coziness at home

It's turned really, really cold over the last couple of days. And this makes "cozy days at home", watching the stormy weather through the windows, so much more desirable :)

Here's a couple of things I associate with coziness...

Starting the day with a nice cup of coffee.... (Yummy)
photo (c) Lausi

Followed by a blueberry muffin? Yesss, please :)
photo (c) Lausi 

How about some marmelade?

These eggwarmers remind me of breakfast at my grandmother's *happy memories* :)

... as does this kitchen board.

How about breafast in bed... this bed linen are gorgeous! 
(availabe here)

Izzz wants this sheepskin rug!!! It would look awesome in our bedroom.
(also available at Toast)

And lights... I love lots of tea lights and wind lights and candles...

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