Monday, 20 September 2010

Mad Men - Season 04 - Episode 09

This week's episode starts out with a familiar scene. Don in bed with a woman. So, Don's sleeping with Faye now...uhm... what a surprise NOT! Their "taking it slow" didn't last too long then. I think they make a cute couple but I can't see that leading to anything too serious. At least Don trusts her enough to turn to her when it comes to his daughter. He asks Faye to look after her when Sally turns up in Don's office after she ran away to be with her dad.

This was definitely Kiernan Shipka's episode. She was breath-taking as Sally in this episode. Great job for such a young actress.  I really feel for that girl (the character). She's got a mother who's like a cold fish to her and a father who loves her but doesn't really know what to do with her.

She's really desperate and instead of getting the love and attention she needs, she's constantly pushed away. Betty just doesn't know how to relate to her child's problem. All she sees is that Sally doesn't "function" as Betty wants it. Instead she accuses her daughter of being "out of control".

As for Don, I can forgive him more easily, since he's a man and men in the sixties didn't really spend much time with their kids it seems. I believe him that he loves Sally and the moment when he puts her to bed is so sweet and tender. But at the first sight of problems, and when Sally throws the tantrum in Don's office, he's completely helpless and unable to deal with the situation.

It's Megan in the end that catches the poor girl and just takes her in her arms. She's really the only person who responds instinctively and gets "physical" with Sally and hugs her.

It's kind of sad to watch the little girl cry out for help and attention. I'm curious to see where this will end.

On a more humorous note... I cannot believe they killed off Miss Blankenship ... LOL.

Poor soul died in the office and everyone was so awkward and at a loss at what to do. Trust Joan to handle the situation though. (I'm beginning to think there's really NOTHING Joan can't fix :)

The scene where Don had to sit through a meeting while watching through the glass walls as Joan and Pete "drag away" Miss Blankenship, that was so funny.

I really liked Cooper's reaction to her dead. And LOL about Roger fearing to die in the office. A word on Roger and Joan... oh..oh... I wonder how much honest feelings there are on Roger's part. He seems to really care about Joan.

All in all a great episode, with less Don Drama but instead, giving us a good follow-up to what's happening to the other characters.

Next one please! :)

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