Monday, 13 September 2010

Mad Men - Season 04 - Episode 08

Mad Men you rock!

I don‘t know how they do it, but each week they surprise me anew.

It‘s so nice to see Don cleaning up his act and trying to get back on his feet. To have him write a journal is just brilliant. It gives us insights into his thoughts so that we can share the pain he feels about what he considers his failures in life.

This was also a very strong episode for Betty. I‘m glad about that. I missed her character a lot. So far she hasn‘t had that much to do in season 04 but whenever she‘s on it gets intense and interesting. I already suspected that she was not over Don. In fact she seems far more hung up on him than he is on her. The strong reaction she showed when she saw him on his date with Bethany is a clear evidence that she still has feelings for him.

The argument with Henry later was also very interesting. He senses that Don still holds a place in Betty‘s life (and maybe heart) and I must say I did not expect him to be so jealous over it. He seemed always quite calm and collected and even reasonable to me in the previous situations where he was not only civil towards Don but even defended him on at least two occasions against Betty‘s bitching.

That has obviously changed now. He wants Don out of their life. The way he drove his car into Don‘s things and later when he asked him to pick up the rest of his stuff, that was clearly to put Don into „his place“. To show him who‘s the man in the house now. Does Henry feel threatened by Don? It‘ll be interesting to find out if Betty can make this marriage work. She‘s already repeating the same mistakes she did with Don, I think. She‘s again in denial about the problems and it really WAS rushed that she married Henry (although understandable with a baby on its way in the early Sixties).

Don‘s date with Faye was another surprise for me. That he didn‘t take things further than making out in the car was AWESOME. And their conversation over dinner very, very interesting too. Has Don learned to give a bit of himself? To open up to some degree. Is he longing for a real relationship, to finally be close to someone? (like he was to Anna, who sadly passed away) I hope so. I hope we‘ll see Don „grow up“ emotionally.

(On a side note... have I mentioned how hot this guy is when he gets going? ;) ... I could watch him make out for hours...)

Okay... mind out of the gutter again...

There was a lot of sexism in this episode. To be expected in 1965. I can‘t wait to see how this will change over the course of the remaining years and the sexual liberation that might have taken a bit longer to really reach America.

The way Betty confronted the guys and tried to stand up for Joan was nice to see, even though her efforts weren‘t appreciated by Joan later, who told Peggy she only helped undermine her value as a secretary. To be honest, I think Joan acted like a real jerk in that moment in the elevator.

Go you, Peggy! You‘re on the right track. It would have been an even stronger signal had she taken these steps without going to Don first. He‘s still her mentor and guiding her. „You want respect, go earn it for yourself.“ Don is right of course. Still... nice job, Peggy, kicking that guy‘s ass out of the office :)

Last but not least, I‘m sooooo glad Don went by his son‘s birthday party. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, seeing him with his two-year old on his arm. *sigh*

Roll on next week! I cannot wait to see how Don Draper's journey will continue :)

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