Monday, 6 September 2010

Mad Men - Season 04 Episode 07

OMG... I love this show!

This one was a real killer! I cried. No...., actually... I bawled my eyes out over that one. What an incredible emotional roller coaster.

We learned more about Peggy and Don in this one episode than in the previous three seasons. I just can‘t get over how brilliant the writing of this show is. How amazingly the writers fit in more and more pieces of the puzzle.

The confrontation between Peggy and Don in the office, his angry outburst, her despair... I‘m speechless. Don really is a selfish bastard in that he‘s using Peggy because he can‘t face up to the truth of Anna‘s death which he knows the phone call from California will tell him. He‘s scared, scared to make that call and scared to be alone.

And Peggy? She‘s running away too. From a life society tells her she‘s supposed to want but that just isn‘t her. I think in a way she‘s also using Don, as an excuse to not go to her birthday dinner. To be honest, I‘m glad she and Mark broke up, since he was such a wuss and I never understood what she saw in him. Her chance of marriage and a conventional life? But like she told Don, it just doesn‘t feel right.

To see them get personal and to really share their honest thoughts with each other was just awesome. I was so afraid they (writers) would go down the easy road and have Don sleep with her, but they didn‘t. Instead they made this so much more powerful the way they ended this episode.

This simple and sweet gesture when Don put his hand on hers, that spoke of so much respect and affection he holds for her that I cannot help but hope that there will be more between them one day.

Could she be the one to save him from himself?

A word on Jon Hamm and his performance. That was out of this world. Truly, truly outstanding. So was Elisabeth Moss BTW.

I don't care how many more Emmies in a row this show will win, they deserve every single one of them! 

Okay... I‘ll take a deep breath now and then watch this episode a second time, I guess.

It really was THAT good :)

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