Monday, 2 August 2010

Mad Men Season 04 - Losing its Passion?

Last night‘s episode left me a bit „wanting“.

I can‘t put my finger on it, but I felt something was missing. It felt as if this episode just floated along, with the usual „ingredients“, sexy women, Don sleeping with his secretary, a client who was a real ass, and an office party, (BTW for me the most enjoyable scene in this ep... I loved Joan. She was clearly back to her best form here :)

All pretty much a repeat of earlier seasons but without building up to a strong story line, as was the case in season 01 - 03. What I'm saying is, I'm missing the red thread!

The whole Peggy story line, new boyfriend, trying to play the virgin... it just doesn‘t ring true to me and I have difficulties grasping Peggy‘s character these days. She is such a changed person from the first seasons, she doesn‘t make sense to me. Maybe I‘ll „get“ her better further on into season four. I'll see.

The weakest point for me however, was the whole story with the kids. Don‘s daughter does have some serious issues to deal with, no doubt about it,  but bringing in freaky neighborhood boy, who seems to be appearing out of the blue „stalking her“ so to speak, I don't know. (He was already creepy in season 01), but him and his friend vandalizing the Francis‘/Draper‘s residence. ... I was like... Really? You‘re serious? It seemed far fetched and kind of stupid, including Henry‘s and Betty's reaction (which we didn‘t really see). It's mainly the young age of both kids, that makes this so unbelievable to me.

All in all an average ep.

Still, even when it‘s average, Mad Men is better than most other shows on Tele. And Don Draper, semi-drunk, disheveled and sleeping with his secretary... still friggin HOTT :))))

Last but not least, a word on the photography: Simply AWESOME! Absolutely brilliant. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the sets are, how perfect the lighting and everything else. That alone is reason enough to tune in again next week.

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