Monday, 30 August 2010

Mad Men - Season 04 Episode 06


Quite an intense episode this week.

So it‘s getting obvious that Don‘s drinking has become a serious problem for SCDP now. I cringed in my seat when he tried to do the presentation and then stealing the kid‘s tag. (Too drunk to notice, so at least it wasn‘t intentional I guess).

Bringing in Don‘s past again and showing us how he and Roger met and how it all started was brilliant!

Especially since Roger‘s position in the company is getting weaker and weaker. He‘s been all but pushed to the sidelines with the other partners doing business w/o consulting him much. Somehow I have a feeling that this will not go down well with Roger.

There‘s a lot of potential for conflict between him and Don in this season. It‘s hard to tell which direction the writers will take it. Both men know a great deal about each other, so it‘ll be interesting to see how far they‘re willing to go IF they are heading indeed in the direction of a fall-out (as the promo for this season suggests BTW).

Peggy was awesome in this ep too. That scene with the chauvinistic pig (the art director), PRICELESS. Stripping down naked to work „in the nude“ ?!?! You what??? LOL....brilliant scene and a total win for Peggy! Go you, girl.

I still can‘t help but feeling sorry for Don, even though he brought most of his misery on himself.  I really, really WANT him back on his feet again. I miss the „old“ Don Draper! On the other hand, there‘s more darkness and pain inside him to explore. I wonder when he‘ll have hit rock bottom and what the consequences will be. Will he have friends to help him out of it? Roger? (against all odds?)... Peggy is someone who I think will always stick up for him.

Just the way she handled the situation with Don stealing the kid‘s idea. She‘s clearly completely loyal to Don and it isn‘t the first time she‘s helped him out of a tight spot.

It‘s really no wonder that this series has won an Emmy for outstanding drama the third time in a row.

The writing is beyond anything I‘ve ever seen on tv and the many twists and turns they throw in, make it so surprising still, even in its fourth year now.

What a great show.

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