Monday, 16 August 2010

Mad Men Season 04 - Episode 04

Again... a very enjoyable Episode.

It‘s a good thing that they dedicated a great part of the episode to the work related stuff. It‘s so interesting to see how advertising in the sixties was done and what „value systems“ were applied.

I had to smile about the group session with the female staff. All the drama... and poor Don watching on, afraid that Alison would say something.

The scene she threw him in the office, was done superbly too :)

I can understand why she thinks that  Don‘s not a very good person (at least not regarding his casual flings and sleeping around with the secretaries). And really... he needs another place to stay! This apartment he‘s rented is awful. So dark and depressing, no wonder he‘s turned to the bottle!

I really loved that they gave Peggy another story line. Her getting in touch with NY‘s art scene and smoking pot is promising. I guess we‘ll soon be seeing her experimenting with more drugs, sexual freedom etc.

She‘s clearly trying to find her place and her goals in life.

That she‘s kind of shocked about Pete and Trudy having a baby comes as no surprise to me. She DOES have feelings for him and it must hit her hard, seeing him so happy about it, knowing she gave away the baby she had with him.

I was hoping since season 2 that  they‘d pick that up again and I can‘t wait how this will play out in the end. Will Trudy ever learn about it?
I must say, I miss Betty though. It‘s strange that the character has been sidelined so much. She was such an integral part of Don‘s life in the first three season. Hopefully that part - and his relationship with his kids  - will be shown more further on.

This series really rocks and it hasn‘t lost any of its appeal for me. I love it.

Can‘t wait for next Sunday  :)

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