Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Summer's Sunday Walk...

Today the unbearable heat of the last week finally broke (we had temperatures up to 100 °F over the last couple of days!) and I went on a long walk. Even though it looked like a thunder storm approaching and I got a little wet from a brief rain shower, it was fabulous.

I love walking. It clears my head and I realized once again, I have a lot to be grateful for in my life.

Come join me and discover the beauty that is everywhere around us, if we just stop and take a look :)

Street art. I pass it each day on my way to work and finally got round to take a photo :)

Believe it or not... this was a public toilette once, which someone turned into a charming little restaurant/café. These days it only opens for special events (Weddings, birthdays, etc.)

This is a wonderful ancient graveyard.
(a couple of hundred years old)
Very tranquil and beautiful...

The park was full of pinecones.

Isn't it awesome how in this backyard the owner let the kids 
paint the ugly wall of the neighbors' garages?

I follwed the old trail along the monastery...

Now back to town again...

In the background you can see the towers of the town Cathedral.

On to the cathedral (This old lady was on her way to mass)

Church window.

Rose on the City Wall.

A short round through the castle grounds.
And a shortcut back to my parking spot...

It was a lovely two-hours walk and I enjoyed it, even though the sun caught up with me towards the end and it was so hot that my T-shirt was soaked in sweat when I reached the car. 

It was worth it!
Thank God, for the blessings in my life!

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