Monday, 26 July 2010

How I've missed Thee Don Draper :))))

How I‘ve missed Thee, Don Draper :)

Gosh... how I‘ve missed this show!

Just finished watching the season 04 premiere and I must say, I‘m hooked again. At first it threw me a bit to see the new office, which for a second looked very much like Sterling & Cooper‘s old office (no surprise, since they obviously didn‘t want to build complete new sets for the fourth season).

Anyway, it got clear pretty soon that this was NOT the fancy office Don and his companions are used to. Oh and KUDOS to the writers for the "running gag" of the "supposed second floor" ;) Loved it!

The opening scene was brilliant! I mean „Who is Don Draper?“ ... That‘s the question that‘s been puzzling us all since the beginning of season 01.

I really loved that they showed us another side of Don. To see how „out of his depths“ he feels when questioned about himself and his goals in life, especially with his divorce and all, that was a nice surprise. It took me a bit to get used to the idea that he‘s obviously suffering a great deal from the failure of his marriage. He sure has some issues, as we could see in the scene with the whore. Don as a sub? I was a bit surprised. IF they're going to explore this (as in SM tendencies), I wouldn't have expected Don to be the sub. Hmm... or maybe to compensate for the authority he has to show during work all the time?!?! We'll see....

  However... as glad as I was to see a „vulnerable“ side of him, I hope he still has this predatory streak when it comes to other women. The spark was certainly there on his date with Jane's friend.

A bit „grabby in the car“, indeed! LOL... I loved the actress who played her and who was so frank with Don on their first date without succumbing to his charms right away. (She seemed a tat too upfront to me for a women in 1964 though, I think.) Anyway,  I hope we‘ll see her again in future eps.

It‘s also a great joy to see Don doing advertising work again... Seriously, his campaign for the „prude family company“ and that scene at the end... AWESOME. I had to laugh out loud. So, Don Draper CAN fail spectacularly ;) Great ad, Don, but so NOT what the client wanted ;)

And his reaction? Throwing out the client...?!?! You what? Priceless! That‘s the old Don Draper! Confident, cocky and letting the world know WHO he is. I hope his small „identity crisis“ (indicated in the beginning of this ep) is over with and that in the upcoming eps we see more of the Don we saw in the first three seasons.

A word on Betty, aside from the fact that I think she‘s a complete dork for leaving Don and rushing right into the arms of Henry, this woman has some serious problems! I really can‘t stand the way she treats her kids. Her daughter sure must be traumatized with a mother like her. Betty needs a smack on the head if you ask me. And I really wonder what her motives are. Somehow I doubt it that she‘s really committed to her new relationship. Looks more to me as if she‘s doing all this to get back at Don and for playing power-games with him (in which she uses the kids as tools... shame on her). I really wonder where the writers will go with her and Don‘s relationship.

As for the other people on Don‘s team, I still don‘t know quite what to make of Peggy. She started out as an interesting character in the first two seasons but she‘s lost a lot of appeal for me in season 3 and I wonder what road the writers will take her on. I get why she‘s still there... mainly to please Don Draper but if that‘s all they give her character to do then it‘s wearing a bit thin IMHO. Her having a baby with Pete, which she gave away,  was an interesting turn of events, and I hope this will be addressed again in this season. I wonder. 

Can I say, I ADORE Pete Campbell? I know he was media sappy, sleazy and untrustworthy in the first two seasons but I really admire him for the drive he has to do what‘s best for the company and for the way he‘s always ready to jump in and „clean up the mess“ that Don created.

The others didn‘t play such an important part in the season‘s opener, so there‘s not much to say about Sterling and Cooper.

All in all, a very promising start for season 04 and I really can‘t wait to see what‘s going to happen next.

Mondays are marked as my Mad Men Day now!

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