Sunday, 7 March 2010

London - Weekend Trip

Does this look like the perfect weekend? 
... For it was... :)



The hotel was AWESOME...



our room :)

the first steaming cup of tea ...


(The moment I took this photo, I knew I wanted it to
look like THIS ... :)

(didn't know that they had pelicans in St. James Park)




(from a flower stand on Jermyn Street :)


(...where Frank got his Church shoes... :) 


(this fountain was not illuminated, this is just the afternoon sun!)






The London Eye

(can't believe I really got in there with Frank. The things we 
do for love... Anyone who knows me and how much 
I'm afraid of heights, can understand what it cost me :)


The view was amazing though!


(another one that screamed for a little PS manipulation :)


Just loooooove the coloring here
(what an amazing afternoon light)


Westminster Abbey

...the end... 
A coffee at Heathrow.

(all photos by Lausi & Frank)

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