Friday, 26 March 2010

Letter to my Immune System

Pollens... (aren't they pretty?) 
(photo via here)

Dear Immune System,

Would you please stop attacking harmless and utterly useful pollens of trees, hazel bushes and grasses that happen to pass my sinuses!

Contrary to your believe, these are not enemies. They are neither poisonous nor threatening my body in any way. So, I‘d really appreciate it if you stopped sending an army of antibodies to get rid of the intruders and thus creating an allergic reaction which results in me walking around with a constantly running nose, clogged up airways and watery eyes.

I do not want or need this!

Hay fever is a „disease“ created by your epic failure to realize that a single flower pollen or grass pollen or tree pollen will not kill me.

You didn‘t care about them for over 25 years, so why you suddenly decided to change your mind and make me a member of the club of „Hay Fever Plagued Individuals“ I will never understand.

For the record: I herewith cancel my membership in this club!

Now please be reasonable again and stop this insane behavior as of now! (otherwise I will have to relocate to the seaside. And what will you do then?)

Many thanks.


(The owner of the body you so wrongly think you‘re protecting from this supposed hazards)


  1. LOL! I thought that picture you put up of the pollen was some new game to play, where you have to pop all the pretty coloured blobs!

  2. I'd much rather play a game of popping the pretty blobs than dealing with this ANNOYING hay fever LOL