Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chris' Cooking Show :)

Forget about Test Kitchen or other famous cooking shows... We were priviledged enough to be guests on our friend's Chris' very own cooking show  on Sunday the other week :)

Roast Beef it was .... and absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!

Thanks, guys for a marvellous evening! 

Doesn't it look mouthwatering already?

Fried Potatoes: Stage 01

Katrin's beautiful table setting

Fried Potatoes: Stage 02

Oven Tomatoes... yummmy

While the meat rested...

...the potatoes reached the finale stage:

Meet "Le Chef" ... Chris

Putting in the finishing touches...

For starters: 
Home-made Tomatoe Soup ...YUMMY!

Main Course:
Roast Beef 

...served with Vegetables and Fried Potatoes

Fresh Fruits

As soon as the cozy fire was burning...

The King of the Castle made an appearance :)

Meet Biczi!

Again, THANKS so much guys for a FANTASTIC evening!
Chris, your cooking rocks!!!

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