Friday, 19 February 2010

Olympics... "only" Silver for Plushy

Congrats for winning the silver medal!

Personally I think, Plushenko should have won gold. Not that this was the best he ever skated (he seemed tense and I missed the passion and spiritness that he usually gets across)  but he didn't make any major mistakes, had a technically very demanding programme - he was the only one that landed a quad safely -  and should have scored more than they gave him. Certainly more than the 1 point difference that cost him the Gold medal in the end.

As for Lysaczek, I don't know. I wasn't too thrilled. He skated without mistakes, I give him that, but he didn't risk much and I found his performance kind of boring. I think both the American and Canadian skaters were heavily over-rated, especially Patrick Chan. Not sure the new scoring system is such a good thing for this sport in the long run, if it means an "average" skater wins the gold medal *shrugs*)

For me, Takahashi was by far the most exciting skater in the group of the last six and he would have deserved gold even before Plushenko if he had landed his Quad safely. He's the most "complete" skater IMO, combining the technical, athletic aspect with  a great artistical performance. His was the best LP, how they scored him less than Lysaczek totally beats me?!?!

Still... considering what Zheny  achieved here after four years absence from competition, he can be really proud of himself. To come back and to end the Olympics with a silver medal, that's amazing!

I'll miss him, since I'm sure he will retire from amateurs again. 
Thanks for giving it your all, Zhenya!

PS: watching this in the middle of the night suffering from fish poisoning didn't make this such an enjoyable experience either *sigh*

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