Saturday, 27 February 2010

No matter how hard I try....

... I just can't resist the pull of a bookstore...

This is how my Saturday went so far :)

Starting off with a good cup of coffee...


followed by breakfast in our favorite coffee shop which happens to be 
right next to a bookstore where I picked up this...

Awesome architecture in there and a real bargain this book.
(I have a big coffee table :)

Then later, when I had to go to the supermarket to get some salmon for lunch,  the lady at the cashier gave me this primrose for free. How nice. In fact, Frank and I noticed that everyone was in an exceptionally good mood today (from the lady at the carwash station, to the girls in the coffee shop and in the bookstore). Must be the sunshine. Everyone is in a much better mood just for that I think.  
(BTW... that's not rain outside... uhm... just my dirty windows *sigh*)

And when I got home,  Frank had got me these :) 
I just have the best hubby in the world :)



  1. *Ali is being nosy* I love that book! That's Selfridge's in Birmingham on the cover! Fantastic building! I thoroughly approve of wacky architecture. Why be boring?

    I also approve of your Sunday schedule. Coffee, books and pretty flowers. BTW, all my windows have a row of dirty marks at cat's nose height on them. Strange that...

  2. A row of dirty marks at cat's nose height? LOL... at least you have a "culprit", Ali.

    Me, I only have myself to blame ;)