Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bedroom project... the rug disaster

Remember the rug I ordered for our bedroom?

It arrived yesterday. Excited, hubby and I rolled it out in the bedroom. The first thing I noticed was that the colors were less bright than presented on the internet. A second, closer look revealed there was a load of dust in it and lots of white fiber residuals.

Well.... it was a hand-woven rug (made in India w/o involving children‘s work, I may add!), so naturally there were some wool fluffs and fibers on the surface.

Anyway, nothing a round of vacuuming won‘t fix, we thougth!

We couldn‘t have been more wrong.

After almost an hour (!!!) of vacuuming the damn thing and two trips to the waste bin to empty the vacuum cleaner‘s dust container, it was still in the same „dusty/dirty“ condition. Giving off little clouds of fine dust whenever you patted it. It also smelled odd... 

I had enough!

Sure, it was a wool rug and we expected some of this but the amount of brownish very fine dirt (it almost looked like mud), we hadn‘t expected. It really looked as if this rug contained half the sand from the shores of the Ganges. And from the look of it, a life-time of vacuuming wouldn‘t change that.

Besides, I said to myself, I did NOT want a rug in my bedroom that I would have to vacuum three times a day. So not.

So, this episode was closed. The rug will be returned.

Next week, I‘ll look for one in one of the local stores here. Goes to show, you can‘t always trust the pictures on the internet.

*still feeling itchy from the dust and all....*


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