Monday, 11 January 2010

My UGG Boots... Just Another Fashion Victim's Tale


YES, they are trendy.

YES, they are cute.

YES, they are comfortable and warm.


I had to run some chores this afternoon, and my recently bought UGG boots seemed like the perfect choice for this weather (we really have much snow... as in really LOTS OF SNOW...). Turned out, you just CANNOT walk with these boots on slippery, snow-covered sidewalks. They have hardly any grip at all. They are NOT comfortable for walking longer shock absorption or arch support.

So I figured they are fine for walking on dry ground. Uhm.... excuse me, but WHY buy a pair of „winter boots“ that you cannot wear in winter weather?!? ... So, I'll come clean here...  I just became another victim to a fashion trend. The only good thing is, we bought them in America during our New York trip in November, so at least I didn‘t spend the ridiculous amount of money on it they cost here in Europe.

(still think they're cute, though)

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