Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Digital Fishbowl....

I came across a very interesting article about "breaking up" and how to deal with it on the various internet networks. It's about how networks like facebook, myspace, twitter and other blogs make it difficult to "severe the ties" with your ex.

This made me think about a discussion I had with my niece and nephew on Christmas Eve about the "dangers" of internet networks. The twins will turn sixteen in a couple of months and we talked about how important it is to be careful about what info/photos you post on the internet. The problem is, once it is out there, you have no control over where things will end up. That's something not only the young people should consider but also adults. I'm really surprised about the personal and sometimes even "intimate" information some are willing to share with "friends" or even "strangers" on the internet.

I have always been very cautious to the point of "almost paranoia" about posting personal stuff on the internet. I enjoy being part of it, and sharing things with my "online-friends" but there are other - safer ways - to share personal stuff than to post pics on a network such as facebook.

We just have to keep in mind that it's not just friends who have access to that stuff. Once it's up there, it can be downloaded and forwarded and put up anywhere else without us even being aware of it!

As for the article mentioned above, I always found it kind of ironic that people broadcast their relationship status via their facebook status. It's like the author of that article said; you're sitting in a Digital Fishbowl.... (And yes, I admit, I have done the "online-stalking" too... because it is so easy and tempting to read up on other people's life that way).

For the article in the NY Times, go

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