Monday, 31 August 2009

Wish I was there now...

Frank and I have been going to Spain at least once a year for the last twenty years. My parents-in-law own a wonderful appartment in Cunit, near Barcelona and it's become a second home to us and a place where we can instantly relax - no matter how short our stay there is.

Today I want to point out a wonderful luxury hotel/Spa that is located in Calafel, the next village.Remodelled from an ancient finca which had been deserted for years, they turned it into a lovely hotel/spa. Just having a coffee on the fabulous terrace is a wonderful experience and well worth a visit there. But it's also the perfect weekend-trip if you're looking for a relaxing time to re-charge 'your batteries' or just to get away from it all for a while.

Only forty minutes away from Barcelona it's situated on a beautiful beach and far away from the hectic/tourist village "Calafel".

Especially outside the main season, the rates are affordable. We're very much looking forward to hopefully return there over the winter holidays this year.

For more info, visit the hotel's website here.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Ultra modern hillside home (Hollywood)

OMG... I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this house...

Sharp angular lines define the house in space from the outside but also direct viewers to look back out once within the structure, past the pool and deck and to the cityscape below

Comfortable interior spaces give way to narrow circulation areas that, in turn, open back up to the broader outside world.

Deeper within the house, spaces become increasingly private – tucked between the building itself, retaining walls and the hillside behind.

(via dornob)

Small Stone Hillside Home

Awesome architecture. I love it!

Designing for a hot climate, small site and hillside lot are difficult enough individual constraints for architects to overcome alone – let alone all at the same time. This marvelous little home by P + T architects manages to make the most of a seemingly difficult situation through a few critical design moves that turn problems into opportunities.

(via dornob)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Poodles as art form?!?

This just makes me sad (and angry). Don't people have any respect towards the animals here? Using them as "toys" or "art-forms" makes me sick!

Poodle doodles: Dogs are transformed into pandas, horses and even snails in a barking mad grooming craze

They may resemble pandas, buffalos and camels - but these animals are actually poodles, all competing for the title of top dog at 'creative grooming' shows across the U.S.
Something of a canine fancy dress contest, it takes just two hours for owners to transform their pets, which are sheared and coloured to achieve each look.
The incredible transformations were captured by photographer Ren Netherland, who travels thousands of miles each year to attend each competition.
Quote from the photographer:
'The dogs seem to love the whole experience,' added Mr Netherland. 'One of the reasons I love my job is because I love animals so much. I much prefer working with them than people.
'By the time the dogs get to me after they have been through the tournament they are bounding around and very happy. 'I think all the attention that gets bestowed upon them through the whole process must be nice for them.'
(Tell me, is this guy just cynical or does he really believe the dogs are enjoying this?!?!?)
(from today's Daily Mail)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The beauty of my 'daily' route....

Sport is the perfect stress release... and I try to fit in a "daily routine". It's not always working but most of the times, I fit in a run/walk through my favorite park nearby. Yesterday I took the camera because I love the late afternoon sun (it was too hot to really run anyway :)

Soon, summer will be gone and the leaves will change their color. I love this park throughout the seasons (actually it's an ancient graveyard :) So tranquil and peaceful.

I love the change of seasons. For me, every season has its highlights.

Right now, I'm trying to make the most of the last remaining summer days, enjoying the outdoors and the garden. Here's a glimpse of my favorite little park.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tired of my summer wardrobe...

Couldn't resist to order these checkered pants today, even though they are way outside the budget I "allowed" myself ;)

...and of course the shoes were a "must have" too ... :)

Paul Carrack...

One of my favorite songs by Paul Carrack. The perfect music to chill out to after a long, stressful day at work .For more info visit his official site here.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Avatar movie 3D

Just had a first glimpse at the trailer of James Cameron's upcoming movie Avatar. It looks awesome. Can't wait for it to come out.

You'll find the trailer here. Go to their official site for more info.

Doting fathers...

This is such a sweet moment caught on camera here. Obama, not only one of the most charismatic men in the world, but obviously a doting father as well.
(pic from BZ)

Speaking of "doting fathers"... This pic left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Ricky Martin's twins are adorable.

It's such a shame that people still start controversial discussions about his sexual orientation and whether he should have kids, stating kids need both a Mom and a Dad. Well, I think that all that matters is that they are loved! And as long as there is much love in their life it shouldn't matter if they are raised by a hetero couple or two fathers, or two Moms or by a single parent.

(pic via Ricky Martin's twitter account)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Places to relax....

I like the candles in the fireplace. What a great idea for ours too...

That would be my perfect reading spot. The book shelves are GORGEOUS.

I just love this fireplace!

(From "Schoener Wohnen". For more info go here )

Dogs and their owners...

Had a great discussion today with a friend about dogs and their owners and how they are so much "alike".

In this particular case, I couldn't resist to look up the dog breed characteristics and compare them with the dog owner's... it was such a perfect fit :)

He should be stocky, not long-legged or racy in outline
...seems to be more of a lover than a fighter
Confident, laid back, and easygoing...makes a very loyal and devoted companion.
will be fun to have around the house.
can be difficult to housetrain.
(<-- mind you, I don't know how difficult it was to housetrain the dog owner ;)
Good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate
is good with children and adults.
Courageous and a persistent fighter if provoked

The dog in our "case study" was a Staffordshire mix by the way :D
Made me wonder about my own dog which was a border collie mix (note to self... must look up their characteristics)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The most GORGEOUS engagement ring

The most gorgeous engagement ring.... from Green Spot Studio. What an incredibly gifted designer. I love the "classic/traditional" look of this ring.
For more info go to their facebook site:

(note to my sweetheart Frank: Let's do it all again, baby! :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

What made my day today...

Just the other day, I had decided to clean out a drawer in my desk when I found an old "Congratulation Card" that my father sent me years ago after I had finished my college exams and started my first job for Mercedes-Benz. I had totally forgotten that my Dad had sent me this back then. He was so proud of me.

It really touched me and made me cry. My Dad died six years ago from a heart attack and there were so many things, I didn't tell him and wished I had. I loved him and I miss him still.

When I got this book today, I was really moved by many of the statements in there, aside from the fact that the photographs by Joyce Ostin are awesome!

Another plus is, that it had my favorite actor in it and I didn't even know that, because he wasn't mentioned anywhere in the book's description.

Looking at the pics in this book and feeling the warmth and love that Ostin managed to capture in her photos, totally made my day today.

I can recommend this book, not just for the wonderful photographs but also for the quotes and thoughts on fathers and their children. Besides, it contributes to a good cause, helping the Joyce Ostin foundation in its support of research for breast cancer cures.
(book available via or

Monday, 10 August 2009

Must haves...

Saving up for this gorgeous trench coat from Burberry :)
Adorable vintage coasters from Present Time, 13.oo €
Love this velour leather pumps from Zara!
Gorgeous! (Buffalo)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

High Above New York

Currently adorning my coffee table. An awesome book with fantastic photographies by Antonio Attini and Peter Skinner.

A world capital with a strong presence in the imaginations of many people throughout the world, New York has its share of icons - from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building - that are instantly familiar. "High Above New York" does not fail to find new angles to present these great monuments, but this handsome volume also is designed to expand the reader's sense of the city. Stunning photographs present Manhattan as the jewel crown, and then the book's photographic eye searches for treasures in the other four boroughs. We tour Brooklyn, with its much-loved waterfront heights looking down over Lower Manhattan, where admire its fine architecture, elegant row-houses, and lush parks. The Bronx shows off its many waterfronts, parks, college campuses, and its world-class zoo and Botanic Gardens. Queens is a borough of ethnic enclaves, where Indian gold jewellery shops, Latin American food stores, and Little Korea are to be found. Staten Island boasts early Dutch and English settlements - as well as a traditional Himalayan monastery. (available from

Impressioni d'Italia

From our recent visit to North Italy...

all photos copyright © Lausi