Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Luxury Guest House: Private Steam Sauna & Pool Design

THIS is where I'd like to be now....

Added to a picturesque rural farmhouse in Sweden, this simple-but-stylish guest-and-bath house by Wingardhs follows traditional sauna and bathing space design (with places for undressing, washing and relaxing) with a combination of traditional materials and modern architectural strategies.

Part guest house and part vacation home, the approach to this small rural residence is nothing if not picturesque – visitors pass through layers of woven wood barriers covered in ivy before seeing the small structure surrounded by water and woods.

The interior is a combination of cozy wood walls and ceilings and modern concrete floors, metal appliances and a suspended wood-burning stove.

The sauna and spa spaces are tucked deep within the building, providing privacy for its users and a prescribed path for moving to the artificial (yet natural-looking) house-side pool.
(via dornob)

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