Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Having a cold sucks...

I have a cold. One of these sucky, retarded, moronic December colds that make me sick like hell and last forever. It sucks at the best of times. But to top it all, I have it in my week off work. The one I had been looking for for ages. The week in which I wanted to enjoy going shopping, meeting friends... getting some things done I have postponed for months. Oh and let‘s not forget... I might have wanted to celebrate Sylvester and New Year. Yeah right...

It sucks! I‘ve used about 220 tissues in the past 36 hours, drunk two gallons of tea to try and relieve my poor throat and my nose looks like a friggin tomato. Oh, and I‘m about 75 % deaf today.

At nights, sleep eludes me thanks to my clogged up nose. And why is it that a cold always gets worse in the evening ?!?!?

Have I said how much this all sucks?

I‘ll have to be back at work on January 04th. My colleague will still be on holidays for another two weeks then which means, I‘ll have to tackle her workload as well *sigh*

Sometimes, life really isn‘t fair....

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