Monday, 5 October 2009

Modern lamp set....

Love these...
Inside and outside of the lab, the shapes and images of experimental beakers, bubbling test tubes and dimly-lit mad-science laboratories are familiar icons of research, discovery and innovation even to us non-scientists from chemistry sets, films and television shows.

Inspired by these symbols of science, designer Benjamin Hubert has created a unique and versatile three-lamp set from hand-blown glass, designed to hang from the ceiling, sit on a table and/or to work as floor lamps.

To complete the illusion, these giant-scale beaker-and-tube lights are illuminated from within via a bulb inserted through the top and held in place by an over-sized cork – almost believable as laboratory glassware until one realizes that each stands a few feet tall. Plans are underway for full-sized floor lamps that will stand as high as a person.

(via dornob)

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