Thursday, 29 October 2009

Inspired by the 70's

I'm slightly obsessed with the '70s and I love what this guy did to this apartment in Brooklyn.

After spending more than a decade in lofts, the furniture designer Jason Miller rented a different kind of apartment -- a conventional 600-square-foot one-bedroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn -- with the intention of renovating it. Above, the carpeted conversation pit he created in his living area.

A "before" view of Mr. Miller's rental. His intention from the start was to turn it into a "completely designed space," he said, but there was a catch: he had only $5,000 to spend. Also, because the apartment was a rental, the renovation couldn't be structural and it had to be portable.

The platform, which is raised on the perimeter and sunken in the middle, was constructed out of plywood and covered in a chocolate-brown polyester carpet.

The carpeted platform also functions as a bench for the black laminate dining counter; overhead are a pair of hanging lamps from Ikea.

"I wasn't going to buy new appliances, so I had to find a way of masking them and making them look less cheap," Mr. Miller said. He used black masking tape to create a grid that plays off the grid on the backsplash.

The living area is furnished with Mr. Miller's Duct Tape chair and his blue I Was Here table.

A view of the bedroom before Mr. Miller redecorated.

The finished bedroom. Professionally, Mr. Miller is best known for creating the popular ceramic Superordinate Antler chandelier.

(from N.Y. Times)

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