Saturday, 12 September 2009

Why my hairdresser is a genius...

(Diva, Martin's dog :)

My hairdresser fulfills basically every cliché in the book. He‘s gay, stylish, sensitive and simply understands women! I tell him almost everything. No matter how stressed or down or angry I am, the moment I walk into my favorite hair studio and Martin (yes, his name is also cliché) works his magic, I feel better.

He makes me feel important, attractive and lets me know (pretends?!?!) I haven‘t aged a day in the five years since we have known each other (which is of course a complete lie but I don‘t care! :).

Today I had another appointment with Martin and - like usual - I treasured the three hours I spent there (yes, it DOES take that long to get rid of the grey hairs and to straighten out my naturally wavy hair ;)

He‘s a real babe and I just wanted to make him my blog of today! So here‘s a heartfelt thanks to Martin and to any other hairdresser all over the world, who make us feel good!

PS: He has the most adorable dog which he named Diva. Now Diva, is the cutest little lady you can imagine. She loves to be in the hair studio and greets everybody enthusiastically. I love dogs to bits, so naturally, I can‘t resist the little charmer... So Diva wormed her way into my blog today too :)

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