Friday, 11 September 2009

PC is becoming the new TV

A survey by the nonprofit Conference Board released Tuesday showed that nearly a quarter of households in the U.S. now view television programs online. That's up from 20% last year.

The quarterly Consumer Internet Barometer survey found that news shows were watched by 43% of online viewers, followed by sitcoms, comedies and dramas, watched by 35%. Slightly less than 20% viewed reality shows online, and 18% took in sports.

Go here for the whole article from the L.A. Times.

Judging from my own habit of watching "new" TV-shows online before they even make their way over here on tele (we're basically a year behind on tv-shows!), that's another huge "plus" of the PC. (not to speak of the undoubtful advantage of watching the original version and not some "dubbed" version. I guess people in the USA cannot even begin to imagine how much a show will "lose" because of the dubbing. And I'm not just talking about strange voices but more the loss of "meaning/nuances", even characterization. *won't even dig into the subject of humor and what is lost in translation*. )

Still.... a movie night on the couch for me has to be on the "big screen". Huddled on the sofa with my sweet hubby and enjoying the quality of blue ray DVDs, that's something the PC cannot replace (yet).

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