Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cala de Joncols

Part two of "memorable culinary experiences"...

There's a lovely place on the Costa Brava where we spent a couple of days with our friend Maike from Barcelona. It's a beautiful bay near Roses and Figures. Situated in a "Natural Park" is the small Hotel Cala de Joncols (that's also the name of the bay). The location is fantastic. Great hiking possibilites with breath-taking views. The hotel has its own scuba diving base and water taxis to reach the touristic centers along the coast.

However, as beautiful and romantic as the scenerie around is, as bad was the hotel service. It was over-priced and the staff was unfriendly and peeved most of the time. They are the ONLY hotel within the Natural Park and very secluded... so it figures. You just don't have much of a choice but pay for their over-priced drinks and meals. At least the quality of the food was good. Still, we made the most of the situation and enjoyed our days there - and it's certainly worth a trip, as long as you stay in a different hotel :)

On our way back to Barcelona, we stopped in Roses and ate
the best Paella EVER in a small local bar.
(just looking at this pic sets my mouth watering ....)

...followed by the most wonderful Crema Catalan....

I wish I had the name of the bar, but we forgot to write it down. It was definitely a very memorable culinary experience. I love the Spanish cuisine anyway, but this was really delicious beyond words.

all photos courtesy of Maike. For more of her work, go here.

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