Thursday, 13 August 2009

What made my day today...

Just the other day, I had decided to clean out a drawer in my desk when I found an old "Congratulation Card" that my father sent me years ago after I had finished my college exams and started my first job for Mercedes-Benz. I had totally forgotten that my Dad had sent me this back then. He was so proud of me.

It really touched me and made me cry. My Dad died six years ago from a heart attack and there were so many things, I didn't tell him and wished I had. I loved him and I miss him still.

When I got this book today, I was really moved by many of the statements in there, aside from the fact that the photographs by Joyce Ostin are awesome!

Another plus is, that it had my favorite actor in it and I didn't even know that, because he wasn't mentioned anywhere in the book's description.

Looking at the pics in this book and feeling the warmth and love that Ostin managed to capture in her photos, totally made my day today.

I can recommend this book, not just for the wonderful photographs but also for the quotes and thoughts on fathers and their children. Besides, it contributes to a good cause, helping the Joyce Ostin foundation in its support of research for breast cancer cures.
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