Saturday, 8 August 2009

High Above New York

Currently adorning my coffee table. An awesome book with fantastic photographies by Antonio Attini and Peter Skinner.

A world capital with a strong presence in the imaginations of many people throughout the world, New York has its share of icons - from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building - that are instantly familiar. "High Above New York" does not fail to find new angles to present these great monuments, but this handsome volume also is designed to expand the reader's sense of the city. Stunning photographs present Manhattan as the jewel crown, and then the book's photographic eye searches for treasures in the other four boroughs. We tour Brooklyn, with its much-loved waterfront heights looking down over Lower Manhattan, where admire its fine architecture, elegant row-houses, and lush parks. The Bronx shows off its many waterfronts, parks, college campuses, and its world-class zoo and Botanic Gardens. Queens is a borough of ethnic enclaves, where Indian gold jewellery shops, Latin American food stores, and Little Korea are to be found. Staten Island boasts early Dutch and English settlements - as well as a traditional Himalayan monastery. (available from

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